Mayhem Triple Updated

EDIT: This version was originally broken for about 10 hours, sorry! Should be fixed now.

EDIT 2: Another problem with gravity in the space section has been fixed. Please let me know if there’s any further issues.

I know most people who would download the game already have, but I’ve released a small update to Mayhem Triple anyways.

  • You no longer auto-equip weapons once picking them up, and prioritize explosives if you have none.
  • Wall jumping has been overhauled as to not require pressing left or right at all, and to not trigger a dive when jumping up stairs.
  • Fixed the giant bunny boss dying way too quickly and not doing its pillar attack soon enough.
  • Made the cleats perk actually do something!
  • Added an option to disable save screenshots, enabled by default. This was causing pauses every time you hit a checkpoint.
  • And finally, inspired by:

This video

I’ve fixed this bug but added an intentional ninja rope mode with the brutalizer. To activate it, hold [ and ] together during gameplay (this turns on debug mode.) This is really fun but also can break the game.

-Download Mayhem Triple-
(24 megabytes)

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Mayhem Triple is finally released!

The day they said would never come…

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Mayhem Triple – A look at the shop/upgrades.

Mayhem Triple, my very own Duke Nukem Forever, has come back into my sights now that Sombreros is complete. For those of you that don’t know (probably most of you), Mayhem Triple is a platform-action game heavily inspired by the Half-Life series, with a focus on set-piece action and minimal presentation. The world has been invaded by a force of giant rabbits, and the task of saving humanity falls on one Mig Carter, a victim of an unfortunate coincidence of also being a Mexican main character in a game I’m making, leading people to believe I have some sick fixation.

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Quick Sombreros Update

-Download Here!-

Version 1.whatever:
- End credits music no longer slow motion
- Slightly optimized the 3rd level to run better
- Can no longer take off on enemy traincars like they were trucks (sadly)
- The closeup now shows up on the ghost boss if you play the whole level without dying.
- Many more minor mthings

It’s not a lot, but those things were bugging me.

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-Download Sombreros-
(6.6 megabytes)

Originally created for the ACTION 52 OWNS project, Sombreros is a top-down shooter inspired both by the vaguely racist original game and countless western movies and games.

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