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Originally created for the ACTION 52 OWNS project, Sombreros is a top-down shooter inspired both by the vaguely racist original game and countless western movies and games.

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  2. Slob says:

    This is already one of my favorite things ever. It’s like a bite-sized, arcade Red Dead Redemption. Only this one’s actually challenging.

  3. CIJolly says:

    Great game. Loved the atomosphere, set pieces, boss fights, and the contant mixing up of game modes. Great pace. Just the right length and difficulty as well.

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  5. Nate Kling says:

    Incredible game! One of my favorite games of all time. I look forward to your next game!

  6. Linkshot says:

    Liking this so far.
    Has a Mother-y feel to it. Main character reminds me of Flint.

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  8. Shazbut says:

    This is amazing!! What an achievement.

    I agree with Linkshot, it does feel like Mother.

  9. Sergio says:

    Great game! If you’re still working on it, here are some small suggestions:

    1) Clicking causes a small puff of smoke to appear. Might wanna fix that.
    2) The visual indicator that blue guy is damaged appears too late, and is too subtle (if you’re shooting him constantly, it’s virtually invisible). I died hundreds of times before even noticing it existed (I was even going to suggest you add one before I saw it) and considering what an integral part of the battle it is, it could probably be made more obvious. In general that boss fight is really difficult and quite hard to figure out, but it’s also great.
    3) The escape the fire sequence could use another checkpoint. Maybe after that log-activated gate?

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  11. Sombreros says:

    I always love this game, it’s really amazing!

  12. Lachlan says:

    I loved the game. Is there any chance of a separate download for the excellent music, especially the level 3 track?

  13. asdasdasdasdas says:

    Nice game! Loved all the westerns references!

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  15. bobnine says:

    Awesome game, but it is way too hard for me.

    The controls when not in bullet time are very clunky and old school, although if they weren’t clunky i guess there would be not much point in using bullet time. It might be better if there was a separate button to shoot up down left and right.

    I also think it might be better if either the sombreros never disappeared, or if you got two bullet time bullets for each sombrero.

    Also it would be nice if there was more objects to take cover behind, and if the enemy’s didn’t spawn behind you so much.

  16. dustingunn says:

    Hold the fire button to strafe. You don’t need the “bullet-time” at all.

  17. Fly says:

    I absolutely loved this. Psychotically hard, but such a creative and silly and brilliant salvaging of the awful source material. I loved all the geeky little references to spaghetti Westerns, too (am I right in thinking the noise when you shoot Pig’s hat at the end is ripped right out of the hat scene in For a Few Dollars More?)

  18. dustingunn says:

    You are correct! Thanks

  19. Ben McGraw says:

    This game is great. <3

  20. Marc says:

    If it would be that hard I would pay for it. Great game anyway!

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